1. What is 1Love?

    Bob Marley dreamed of a world of hope and unity—with this vision in mind, the Marley family has created 1Love, a global call to arms dedicated to giving back to the world through charities that empower individuals and groups to take action for sustainable and responsible living. 1Love aims to engage world-leading brands, charitable organizations and YOU, so that proceeds can be reinvested into three global causes: youth, planet and peace.

  2. Is 1Love a charity?

    1Love is a 501c3. 1Love collects donations to support selected charity partners.

  3. What does the 1Love benefit?

    Though 1Love distributes funds to a variety of charitable organizations, they all support three global causes:

    Youth—planting the seeds that educate and empower the future of our planet.

    Planet—protecting the soil we till, the water we drink and the air we breathe so that Earth stays beyond our time.

    Peace—investing in harmonizing humanity, rather than threatening it, so that we can live together happily one day.

  4. How does 1Love support charities?

    With the help of world-leading brands, charitable organizations and YOU, 1Love collects donations and sells sustainable products to raise funds that are redistributed to specified charities that promote the 1Love vision of responsible living.

  5. Is 1Love recognized globally?

    Yes. 1Love is a global movement dedicated to spreading awareness and helping causes throughout the world community. 1Love products will also be available throughout the world.

  6. Do 1Love products cost more than comparable products?

    1Love products are affordable, sustainable products that are sourced and manufactured in ways that follow Bob Marley’s dreams of a harmonized world. In some cases respecting the integrity of all workers, resources, tools and packing supplies may increase production costs of 1Love products; however, any 1Love products priced higher than comparable products are not done so to make a profit, but rather to cover the incurred financial costs of responsible production.

  7. What makes 1Love products different from comparable products?

    All 1Love products are sourced and manufactured sustainably whenever practically possible, meaning that our partner Earth was used responsibly as to maintain the balance of all living things. Additionally, 1Love has experimented with new, inventive ways of packaging, manufacturing and recycling materials to further eliminate waste of any sort.

  8. Can my product become a 1Love product?

    Yes! It will take a global effort to make Bob Marley’s dream a reality, but it begins here and now. To find out how your product can be part of the 1Love movement, contact us.

  9. Are all 1Love products marked with the 1Love logo?

    Yes. Some are big, some are small, some are only visible on the inside, and all vary in color, but you will definitely find the 1Love logo somewhere on every 1Love product.

  10. Where can I buy 1Love products?

    At the moment, Marley Coffee, Marley’s Mellow Mood and The House of Marley premium audio electronics are paving the way for the 1Love product offerings and can all be purchased on 1Love.org. Marley Coffee and Marley’s Mellow Mood are also available for purchase at select local retail stores and supermarkets, while The House of Marley products will debut in 2011.

    How does this relate to question #10 above? To become a truly active participant in the 1Love movement—receive exclusive weekly news, Marley updates, invitations to events, extra 1Love points and help spread the love among supported charities around the world—join the 1Love Community.

  11. How much of my money spent on products, merchandise, site donations, etc goes directly to 1Love charities?

    100% of your donation is put to work in the field with our charity partners. Each product will clearly state how much of the proceeds are being donated.

  12. How does the 1Love money get to where it needs to go?

    1love makes quarterly allocations to its charity partners.

  13. How do I make a direct donation to 1Love?

    Click the donate now button on any of our partner pages to donate directly to the charity.

  14. Who runs 1Love?

    Along with a dedicated staff, each member of the Marley family contributes to 1Love in a different, but equal way. Participating members are:

    • Rita – “Queen Mother”
    • Sharon – Daughter & Musician
    • Cedella – Daughter, Musician & Designer
    • Ziggy – Son & Musician
    • Stephen – Son & Musician
    • Robbie – Son & Artist
    • Rohan – Son & Farmer
    • Karen – Daughter & Designer
    • Stephanie – Daughter & Business Owner
    • Julian – Son & Musician
    • Ky-Mani – Son, Musician & Actor
    • Damian “Jr. Gong” – Son & Musician

    You can read their complete bios on 1Love.org.

  15. How is 1Love related to Bob Marley?

    1Love was started by the Marley family in honor of Bob’s legacy, life and mission to harmonize humanity by empowering our youth, protecting our planet and encouraging peace. In order to reach Bob Marley’s dream of unity, 1Love gives money to charities that take action for sustainable and responsible living.

  16. Besides making monetary donations or buying 1Love products, how can I get involved with 1Love?

    There are lots of ways to be more active with 1Love and supporting its vision, but here are a few to get you started:

    • The 1Love Community—with your voice, we can start spreading the word about the 1Love movement, and start changing the world.
    • Join or login to 1Love
    • Support the Causes—use Marley Love Points to track the difference you’re making, and the community as a whole.
    • Redeem my Love Points and track progress
    • Lively Up Yourself—attend exclusive Bob Marley and 1Love events.
    • View calendar of events
    • Spread the Love—don’t just say it, shout it out as loud as you can to all of your friends.
    • Links for social media pages
  17. How do I find out about 1Love events that benefit the 1Love charities?

    You can receive exclusive weekly news, Marley updates, invitations to events and donate your Love Points to the charities of your choice by joining the 1Love Community.

    You can also go to the calendar of events, but some are limited to 1Love community members only. See what’s coming up in your area.

  18. How can I participate in 1Love events?

    As a member of the 1Love Community, you are able to attend any 1Love event.

  19. How can I host my own 1Love event?

    Using your voice is the first step to taking action! Though it will take a global effort to make Bob Marley’s dream a reality, it begins here and now with people like YOU. To find out how you can host your own 1Love event, contact us.

  20. I have a question that’s not on this list.
    Who do I ask?

    No worries. If your question wasn’t answered here. Just contact us and we’ll get back to you soon as we can.