About Us

Bob Marley had a dream for a better world, a united, caring and hopeful global community. 1Love is a movement started by the Marley family, with a mission to do good in honor of Bob Marley's vision for a better tomorrow. Our Goals are clear:

Raise dollars and donations to significantly help select charities that align with our values.

Inspire people in mass numbers to channel their energy in a uniquely Marley way-making a real difference in the world through both influence and action.

1Love's core values are: Youth, Planet and Peace. Youth: We believe the future of our collective nations rests in the care, feeding and education of our children. Planet: As a global community we need to live green and engage in sustainability in order to protect our planets precious resources for future generations. Peace: the well being of humanity lies in the hands of our global community and a commitment to the greater good.